Two extraordinary personal stories which are part of Making History Together

a journey of self-exploration through the lens of the history of Jewish Belarus.

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The story of Leonid Simonovski whose mother sent him away as a young child to fend for himself in the forest, as she knew the killings in the Mogilev Ghetto would start soon. In this short film, Leonid tells the story of how he came back to the house that once belonged to his family.

The story of Sam Web, who managed to escape the city of Brest-Litovsk with his family as a 13-year old boy in 1938. If he hadn’t left, him and his entire family would have been killed in the Brest ghetto. Sam is 96 years old and lives in Australia. He agreed to do an interview for The Together Plan about his experiences growing as a Jewish boy in an antisemitic (then) Poland.

82 years after leaving Brest-Litovsk, Poland and losing all the family who stayed behind in the Holocaust, Sam Webb takes a trip back to Brest – now in Belarus. A deeply emotional, surprising and important journey.

Making History Together

Making History Together is a unique, virtual 6-month programme created by The Together Plan. The programme takes young learners aged 12-14 on a journey discovering the hidden history of the Jews of Belarus between 1941 and 1944. Making History Together delivers a safe and age appropriate introduction to the Holocaust giving a solid foundation for future education on the subject.

Outside of the virtual sessions, the participants receive materials by post and online resources like videos telling the stories of survivors such as Leonid Simonovsky and Sam Webb. The Together Plan launched the Making History Together exhibition in November 2022, which is now being shown in schools and synagogues around the country.

You can find more information on the programme on our website and sign up if you would like your children to discover hidden history! The programme starts in February.