Being a member of Youth for Youth means being an ambassador for The Together Plan. As well as the wide range of opportunities for engagement within The Together Plan, there is also lots to do within Youth for Youth itself!

Youth for Youth is made up of a variety of different volunteer opportunities and at its heart are several ‘Interest Groups’. You are welcome to join as many groups as you want, or none at all! The interest groups are constantly evolving and if you don’t see one you are passionate about, then bring the idea to the table!

In this group we will be exploring our own personal and professional development. From running camp and working effectively in a team to achieving your goals in the workplace, we will be working together to learn and share skills as well as create resources to be used to help others to develop as well.

In this group we will be working together to create, organise and run various Youth for Youth events throughout the year! Bring your most creative thinking caps as we discuss together the difficulties of planning a multi-lingual, virtual, global event as well as steps we can take to help make our events as accessible and engaging as possible!

Do you fit one of the following?

  • Keen eye for design
  • Love of writing
  • Logistical mind to edit and inspire
  • Even just an interest in the whole process

Then you will love this group! Our primary aim is to write, edit and produce the bi-annual Youth for Youth newsletter and there is plenty to do!

Public speaking is an amazing way to build confidence and develop as a person! In this group we will be representing Youth for Youth at The Together Plan in public spaces such as synagogues, schools and a variety of other locations!

Don’t worry if standing up and speaking in front of strangers isn’t your cup of tea, there is plenty to get involved with including media creation, writing the sessions and developing relationships.

Our heritage makes up the basis of the people we are today. Throughout the world history is often forgotten and we lose our roots. Together we are working to collect stories of people’s past to ensure that we can continue to remember them and learn from them.

We will be developing our own skills as ‘history makers’ and working along side The Together Plan’s NEW Heritage Story Bank project to create a unique, engaging heritage trail featuring many long-forgotten family stories.

Interested in joining? Click here!

Check out this video from our "Trail Blazing" trip in 2019!

The Youth for Youth community gives young adults the opportunity and platform to grow, thrive, learn about themselves and develop their personal identities.

We are excited for you to join us on our journey of development and we look forward to welcoming you to the Together Plan family.

We are now holding regular Zoom sessions where members of Youth for Youth are able to share and educate others on a topic that they are passionate about. To find out more information as well as how to join, please contact us.

We’re better together