Belarus is a country with a rich and extensive Jewish history, but to this day the signs of the vibrant community that once flourished remain obscured and are little spoken of.

Through the development of our Jewish cultural heritage trail we are aiming to map not only the many Jewish sights but also where Jewish community life can be found today. We recognise that history comes to life through our own human stories and so we are pleased to invite you to contribute your own personal family story to our story bank. We are also inviting any Jewish Belarusians living in Belarus to submit their stories as well.

Many people who once lived on the territory that is modern day Belarus, were forced to leave in search of a better life – escaping pogroms, rampant antisemitism, war and communism. These people continue to exist in our families, memoirs, photographs and across the globe. We welcome you to help us build a richer, deeper and more informed history of Jewish Belarus by sharing your personal stories. Fill in the form below to enter a story into our story bank.