we help communities to help themselves

The Together Plan trains communities and their leaders to conceive, plan and run activities & events and pass on their skills to others.

we preserve the past

The past is the key to understanding the present and planning for the future. Our heritage work takes advantage of our shared history to unite and engage community members. Projects include recovering lost Jewish headstones in Brest and translating Minsk Ghetto survivors’ memories into English.

we provide for the present

Through our aid and mutual assistance project, Aid Together, we collect, sort and send clothes, shoes, toys, stationery, computers, educational resources and Judaica to communities in need.

With the help of our dedicated team of volunteers, The Together Plan’s project is unique in the way that it transforms a culture of dependency into one of community volunteering and engagement.

we transcend borders

We build close relationships with the communities with which we work to understand their unique needs and help them to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations around the world. By overcoming their isolation, communities and their members rebuild trust, develop friendships and benefit from diverse support and expertise.

We encourage members to put their new skills into practice as volunteers in orphanages, shelters and wider society.

we turn survival into revival

After the devastation of the Holocaust and the 50 subsequent years of communism, The Together Plan supports Jews in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe yearning to re-discover Jewish life by promoting Jewish education and helping to revive Jewish traditions. Reconnecting with a shared identity and heritage, unites, empowers and offers direction to communities and their leaders. This has led to The Together Plan’s new initiative to create community dialogue around heritage and identity and is the foundation of an exciting new program in partnership with AEPJ Jewish Heritage.

we empower the next generation

Our peer-led Youth for Youth movement trains and empowers the next generation of passionate young people across Europe and beyond. International summer camps and collaborative projects facilitate peer-learning and the sharing of ideas and expertise to transform their own and each other’s communities.