What is Youth for Youth at The Together Plan?

Youth for Youth is a global community of young adults working together to revive Jewish identity in a virtual space. It also gives people the opportunity to meet and interact with other young adults in a hands-on way. But what does that mean?

Youth for Youth was conceived in 2010 by a group of young adults, invited by The Together Plan to run a summer programme for an isolated Jewish community in the north of Belarus. This programme demonstrated the powerful impact we can create by sharing leadership skills with peers, along with contextual knowledge, such as festivals and traditions; how to use Hebrew; lifecycle events; and community projects.

Youth for Youth grows in number year upon year. Today, young Belarusians, having participated in the programme in previous years, are now taking lead roles in their communities; developing projects and beginning to play key parts in the growth of other communities as well.

Youth for Youth has 5 main aims:

  • Helping to raise awareness of the Together Plan’s work.
  • Acting as a global support network of friends.
  • Forming connections and collecting stories of heritage and identity.
  • Providing opportunities for community involvement, empowerment, and professional / personal development.
  • Giving young adults a chance to get involved in social action and be active in something they are passionate about.

Youth for Youth is an arm of The Together Plan, it empowers people to be autonomous – i.e. you choose what to get involved in.

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Check out this video from 'Zoymen' in 2018!

Why is Youth for Youth important?

Across the world young adults are keen to connect with Judaism, their communities and with each other. Youth for Youth provides an opportunity to engage in something meaningful that matters to them; whether it is social activism, translation, heritage or cross-communal connections.

Through this work we can spread awareness, exchange skills and learn from each other, creating a better civil society for all.

We are now holding regular Zoom sessions where members of Youth for Youth are able to share and educate others on a topic that they are passionate about. To find out more information as well as how to join, please contact us.

Reviving Jewish identity globally. Together.