Cultural Heritage is an expression of the way a community thrives and is passed down from generation to generation. Customs, artistic expressions, values and even food shape the way we live today – what have you inherited?

‘Recipes from the Heym’ (Yiddish: ‘home’) is a brand new Together Plan project focused on the family heritage behind our everyday recipes. Food is a safe way to bridge gaps between cultures. It brings people together through shared cultural heritage in safe settings to talk about food; about life, our memories, and of course what we are all eating. Families and friends getting together around the table, to share traditional food from old recipe books handed down through the generations, create the memories that define us.

We are excited to introduce you to Michelle Rose (our resident foodie) who will take you on a food journey in the coming months.

Every month, Michelle will be bringing you delicious recipes and she will be sharing cultural heritage stories about food from the heym.

We are inviting you to contribute and share family recipes, stories, photos and traditions. Where did your family recipe hail from and how did it travel? Do you have a special food memory? We are excited to hear from you.

Michelle loves a challenge when it comes to cooking! She loves to take old recipes and add her own twist.

So, if any of you have old family recipes which you would like modernised, why not send them to Michelle, and she will see what she can do to update them and give them a new lease of life.

[email protected]