Zoomen: Solutions Not Sides

Zoomen: Solutions Not Sides

Youth for Youth at The Together Plan, in partnership with Solutions Not Sides,

invite you to join us on Zoom to hear from an Israeli and a Palestinian in discussion with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

There will be a film to watch ahead of the event. Link will be sent on registration.

Why are we running this event?

In August 2020 The Together Plan held it’s inaugural “Zoom in to Zoymen“; a virtual, global conference bringing together speakers from a wide range of topics. We initially developed this programme in place of our usual Belarus Summer Programme that we were unable to run due to COVID-19. The whole event was coordinated by members of our Youth for Youth programme and was a great success.

One of our Youth for Youth cohort, who is not Jewish, has been working on a project for us – translating a book about the Minsk Ghetto. He is an Oxford post-graduate who studied Russian and Arabic and lived in Russia and the Middle East as part of his studies.

At “Zoom in to Zoymen” he presented a fascinating session about the project and his role as a translator. During the session he made a comparative reference that prompted debate during the Q&A. The comparison he made was between the Jews in the Minsk Ghetto living every day in fear of being shot, and the Palestinians in the West Bank fearing for their lives as well.

This interesting discussion demonstrated the importance of education and awareness of the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians on both sides of the argument. A recording of that session can be watched on our YouTube channel or at the bottom of this page.

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Solutions Not Sides is an education programme that exists to provide humanising encounters, diverse narratives and critical-thinking tools in order to empower young people with the knowledge, empathy and skills to promote dialogue and conflict resolution, and to challenge prejudice in the UK. It enables young people to see those affected as fellow human beings, helping them to understand and embrace the complexity of the problem, and empowering them towards seeking solutions.

Registered Charity number 1183651


17 Jan 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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