Against All Odds

Against All Odds

Part 2 of a series dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the escape from the ghetto in Novogrudok, Belarus.

Determination to survive against all odds is the theme of the true experiences of Ester Ginberg Abramowicz, and Joseph and Chaim Abramowitz. After suffering the loss of their families, each in his own way managed to escape from the  ghetto in Novogrudok, Belarus and join the fight against the Nazis.

As a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor, Susan Abrams (nee Abramowicz) Bach immigrated as a baby with her parents to America. While her parents rarely discussed their hardships and losses, these were of great interest to Susan because she wanted to understand her parents and how the events of their lives defined who she became as an adult.

Through stories her parents eventually shared, her own research, and travel to Belarus and Italy where she was born in a Displaced Person’s Camp, Susan is fortunate to have gathered information about her parents’ experiences. She has presented these stories in synagogues, to teachers of the Holocaust, and students across a number of grade levels. Additionally, Susan volunteered for many years at the Orlando, Florida Holocaust Memorial and Educational Resource Center, where she launched and facilitated a book club that built a regular attendance of Jewish and non-Jewish participants. She was also the Keynote speaker for this year’s Yom HaShoah commemoration at the Center.

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21 May 2023


8:00 pm