The Bielski Jewish Partisan Detachment – Resistance and Survival in the Naliboki Forest.

The Bielski Jewish Partisan Detachment – Resistance and Survival in the Naliboki Forest.

Tamara Vershitskaya, a researcher and founder of the Jewish Resistance Museum in Novogrudok will present the history of the Bielski partisan family detachment and an opportunity to hear from descendants whose parents survived with the Bielskis in the Naliboki Forest.

April 4 at 8 p.m. (Minsk), 7 p.m. (Jerusalem), 6 p.m. (Berlin), 5 p.m. (London), 2 p.m. (Buenos Aires), 12.00 (noon, New York), 4 a.m. (Sydney)

This event will be in: English 🇬🇧


04 Apr 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




  • C. Shifra Poupko
    C. Shifra Poupko
    Yad Vashem Museum Guide and Educator

    Shifra Poupko is a museum guide and educator at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Authority, and is currently pursuing advanced degrees at the Weiss-Livnat International Center for Holocaust Research and Education at Haifa University. Her research includes Jewish life in the inter-war period, particularly in Belarus and is driven by questions involving memory and history.

  • Tamara Vershitskaya
    Tamara Vershitskaya
    Founder of the Novogrudok Jewish Resistance Museum

    Tamara is a passionate Holocaust researcher with many years of experience. Previous roles include the position of Director of the Novogrudok Museum of History and Regional Studies. She played a key role in the establishment of the Jewish Resistance Museum, a memorial exhibition on the former ghetto site dedicated to the tunnel escape and the Bielski partisans.

    Tamara has written many publications for both the Russian and American Holocaust Encyclopaedias and was a translator for the book of memoirs Surviving the Holocaust with the Russian Jewish partisans by Jack Kagan and Dov Cohen. Her research into Jewish resistance in Novogrudok and in other parts of Belarus have resulted in numerous scientific publications and a book, Pain and Anger – Holocaust and Resistance in Novogrudok, published in 2019 by the Belarusian Encyclopaedia.

    Tamara has organized many conferences and educational seminars on Jewish heritage for secondary school teachers throughout Belarus on the subject of the Holocaust. She also collaborated with Jewish heritage professionals in Poland in a cross-border project entitled “Shtetl routes. Vestiges of Jewish Cultural Heritage in Cross-Border Tourism” (2013-2015). Tamara became a member of The Together Plan team in Minsk in 2021.