Reflecting back and looking forward

Reflecting back and looking forward

Tuesday, March 19
USA 3pm EDT / UK 7pm / Israel 9pm / Belarus 10pm

What can we learn about ourselves as we reflect and recall the legacy of Holocaust survivors? How do children of Holocaust survivors reflect on the impact of the Holocaust on their life story, who they are today and what they are passing on to their own children and grandchildren? How can our learning about resistance during the Holocaust help us confront contemporary challenges?

Ronnie Dunetz PhD will present some of his findings and insights from his doctoral research, Reflections of children of Holocaust survivors in their second half of life on their life experience, in which he interviewed 41 second generation individuals from 11 countries, sharing with us his own journey along the way. Ronnie’s father, Mordechai Dunetz, survived the massacres, labor camp and Partisans in Belarus during the Shoah.

Join us for a fascinating and moving experience on a topic that has not been widely researched that will leave us with much to appreciate in our own lives as well as much to think about and care for looking into the future.

Free event

Funds will be raised in support of community projects at the Polotsk Community in the north of Belarus and the sending of humanitarian aid.

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19 Mar 2024


7:00 pm