Youth for Youth: How the Youth will Grow

Youth for Youth: How the Youth will Grow

Join Youth for Youth at The Together Plan as we learn about what Youth for Youth actually is, what sparked it all and where it’s heading next! This session will be an informal, fun intro to Youth for Youth and is welcome to anyone of any age, wherever you are in the world!

This event will be in: Dual Language 🇬🇧 🇷🇺


17 Oct 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


  • Abi Brunner
    Abi Brunner
    Youth for Youth Project Coordinator

    Abi is a recent Film Music graduate, and has incorporated ideas around Jewish heritage into her composition and daily musical practices. Having volunteered for The Together Plan and Youth for Youth since 2014, Abi has recently joined the Youth for Youth team as the Youth for Youth Development Coordinator and hopes to act as a port of call for the Youth of the charity, and develop the cohort into an exciting, global movement!

  • Leo Levine
    Leo Levine
    Making History Together Project Coordinator

    Leo is a recent Masters graduate from McGill University, having studied History. Born and raised in Austria in a Russian-speaking family, his multi-national background enabled him to connect with multiple sides of his national identity, and thanks to The Together Plan’s Youth For Youth program, he could identify with his Jewish roots in more depth. In 2019, he translated his grandfather’s book Brest of my Memory, a unique perspective of 1930s-1960s Brest. In late 2020, he built the educational program Making History Together in collaboration with Debra Brunner, providing the younger generation an opportunity to learn about the history of Jewish Belarus.