We will be playing 5-side football. No goalie will be required as any player can protect the goal, but cannot use their hands to do so. We will be playing 3-touch. This means that a player can only touch the ball 3 times (including in the air if the ball hits any part of the body) before having to pass the ball on, otherwise it will be considered a free kick for the opposing team. This levels the playing field as it takes away physicality and reduces injuries.

The tournament is a round robin with the team with the highest goals declared the winner. Each game is 15 minutes. We recommend that each team comprises 8-10 players to allow for substitution.

Football Game Rules

  • Respect the game, the opposing team and the referee!
  • The boundaries of the field are in effect
  • Kicks in will be used instead of “Throw-ins”
  • There are no off-sides
  • All “free kicks” are indirect (2 touches) – with the exception of a penalty kick – direct
  • A foul or hand ball results in an indirect free kick
  • There is no designated goal keeper. No hands can be used to protect the goal
  • A goal can be scored directly from the goal kick
  • No slide tackle, no playing on the ground unless there’s no opponent around you (e.g. to save the ball from entering the goal or going outside the boundaries)
  • No aggressive tackling or aggressive play/contact will be tolerated
  • The referee may send player/s off for two minutes to cool down without a yellow card (e.g. start pushing – almost fight that never escalated – 2 minutes cool down – no card needed) – referee’s discretion.
  • Yellow card – 2 minutes cool down outside – the team plays with 1 man short (if more than 2 players are out – game is forfeited and the opposite team wins)
  • Red card – 5 min out (if it is a serious foul play, excessive force, spitting at the referee or other player, fighting – the player will not be allowed to continue playing in the tournament. If the player receives 2 yellow cards in the same game which results in a red card but the offences are minor – the player will sit out for 2 games before being allowed to play again)
  • Yellow or red cards can be given before, during and after the match as long as it’s in the vicinity of the referee’s field
  • Any foul language will result a yellow card
  • No money back if the player receives a red card and is sent home
  • Referee’s decisions are Final and cannot be challenged after the game

Most importantly: we are here to have fun, play fair and contribute to a good cause!

Thank you for participating!