Living Memorials

Living Memorials

Explore the intriguing history of the Jewish Bielski partisans in a 6 day meeting in Novogrudok.

The project begins with a fascinating 2 day seminar in Novogrudok, led by Tamara Vershitskaya,  a leading expert on Bielski partisans in Belarus. Following this, participants will travel to the Naliboki forest where you will create a personal living memorial to the Bielski partisans.

This adventure occurs at the former campsite of the Bielski partisans and will be under guidance of Roman Kroke, an interdisciplinary artist and one of Europe’s leading experts in developing art workshops for youth encounters at historical sites. It requires no artistic skill, just enthusiasm!

Become a pioneer, meet international and multidisciplinary educators from other European countries. You will get to know them through the exchange of parcels, each displaying your professional and personal lives. There will be a professional film crew. Have the chance to be a part of it by speaking to the camera at the sites about your experiences, feelings and ideas during the project.

This project is aimed at motivated individuals who are proficient in English. All lectures, workshops and discussions will take place in English.

If interested please contact [email protected] to apply.

Application deadline is 16th July.


08 - 13 Aug 2021