Holocaust Memorial Day – Surviving the Minsk Ghetto

Holocaust Memorial Day – Surviving the Minsk Ghetto

Frida Reizman is the guardian of the Minsk Ghetto. She escaped the ghetto at the age of 7 and her memories of that time are as clear today as they were then. She lives in Minsk and never left. Frida, along with Artur Livshyts, co-founder and country Director of The Together Plan, take you on a journey to talk about the Minsk Ghetto, considered one of the most brutal ghettos established by the Nazis and one that is little spoken of.

Bring your own candle and we will light together in memory of all the victims of the Holocaust.

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This event will be in: Dual Language 🇬🇧 🇷🇺

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27 Jan 2022


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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  • Debra Brunner
    Debra Brunner

    Debra has been working in Belarus for over ten years and is a passionate advocate for Jewish community, history, heritage and identity. Debra has worked tirelessly to grow The Together Plan in order to give agency to Jewish people coming out of a traumatic past, to empower them and give them skills and self-belief to rebuild and revive. It is Debra’s mantra that together we can make a real and positive difference for a better, stronger and more cohesive Jewish landscape in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

  • Frida Reizman
    Frida Reizman

    Frida Reizman is 86 years old, a Jewish activist and leader of the Association of Former Minsk Ghetto Prisoners. Frida became a prisoner of the Minsk Ghetto in the summer of 1941 when the Nazis invaded Belarus, then a part of the Soviet Union. The Minsk Ghetto was one of the biggest ghettos that the Nazis established and has been considered the most brutal. For over 45 years, Frida could not talk about the horrors of the Minsk Ghetto, due to the Soviet Regime which suppressed the narratives and the tragedy of what happened to the Jews in the Soviet Union. Frida still lives in Minsk.