From Darkness to Freedom

From Darkness to Freedom


Special talking memory event honouring the 80th anniversary of the courageous Tunnel Escape from the Novogrudok Ghetto

Sunday, October 29 2023

UK 7 PM / 9 PM Israel / 10 PM Belarus

The talk will last approximately 90 minutes

Opening Remarks: Lady Esther Gilbert Patron, The Together Plan

Guest Speakers: Dr. David Silberklang, Betty Cohen, Tamara Vershitskaya, Debra Brunner

Commemoration Ceremony: Survivors Speak about the Legacy Musical Piece – Sevil U. Weinstein, violinist

On September 26, 1943 about 230 Jews accomplished a daring escape from the Novogrudok (Navardok) labor camp in Belarus (White Russia) via an underground tunnel dug by the inmates over a period of several months. In this program, we will focus on this less known escape.

We are honoured to have Lady Gilbert give the opening remarks. Afterwards, Dr. Silberklang will present the broader picture of Jewish resistance in the ghettos. Betty Cohen, whose mother, Fania Dunetz Brodsky, was one of the escapees, will examine the survivors’ choice to rebuild their lives and the legacies they left behind. Tamara Vershitskaya, founder of the Jewish Resistance Museum in Novogrudok, will take us on a virtual tour of the exhibition. Debra Brunner, CEO of the Together Plan, will discuss the organisation’s work in Belarus, including the “Making History Together” project that promotes Holocaust commemoration. Our program will conclude with a special commemoration in honor of all those who were involved in the escape.

This program is in partnership with The Together Plan, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, Jewish Small Communities Network, Qesher, the Jewish Tapestry Project, DIALOG International Charitable Organization, Jewish Religious Union (Belarus), Jewish History Association of South Wales/Cymdeithas Hanes Iddewig De Cymru, Classrooms Without Borders, Rabin Chair Forum, and the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Center.

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