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role description

The Together Plan is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to get involved and support our digital and print marketing as our new Graphic Designer. We are looking for support to create exciting and compelling visual graphics that will be used on our website and also on our social media and print marketing.

This role is perfect for someone who is either an experienced graphic designer and wants to give back and contribute their skills to a worthwhile cause, or someone who is just starting in the world of graphic design and wants to gain experience designing for a variety of formats and topics.

The designs created by our graphic designer will be used in our newsletters, on our website, in leaflets and posters advertising events, social media raising awareness of the charity and more!

This is quite a varied role with a large scope and so there is lots of opportunity to further develop and explore the role. Here are some examples of what our Graphic Designer will be doing:

your responsibilities

  • Supporting the events and fundraising team by producing a variety of marketing materials for our charity events and campaigns
  • Collaborating with project coordinators to design new/update existing web, print and merch materials to spread awareness of our projects and attract donors
  • Working with our comms volunteers to improve the design of our newsletters and develop new social media assets to reach new audiences

your impact

Marketing and Publicity is one of the cornerstones of charity life. Ensuring that you have an engaging brand is key to attracting new supporters, which is key to ensuring the charity can grow in size and impact.

By joining the Marketing and Publicity team you will play a vital role in many aspects of The Together Plan, from attracting event attendees through the use of engaging flyers, to spreading awareness by creating interactive content for our website and even developing ground-breaking educational tools such as our new Making History Together exhibition – find out more on our website!

required skills / experience

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to deal with different people and sharing concepts with other volunteers
  • Highly creative whilst still ensuring that designs align with the brief and the specific brand identity
  • Committed to deadlines and able to consistently deliver quality outputs
  • Flexible and able to receive feedback and adapt designs accordingly
  • Experience in the field of graphic design
  • Experience using WordPress, designing and implementing web pages

your training

We welcome all new volunteers with an informal onboarding session to help get you set up on our IT system and direct you to all the necessary resources. This session also includes learning all about our charity and how your role makes a difference. We will also introduce you to the organisational layout of The Together Plan.

We also ensure you have a named supervisor and work hard to ensure that we are a strong team to support you in your role. This is facilitated through regular (optional) whole-team catch-ups and 1-to-1 check-ins with our HR coordinator to ensure that we are supporting you as best we can.

We will also provide you with additional training sessions to introduce you to our brand and take you through all of our marketing IT systems (e.g. the behind-the-scenes view of our website).

benefits of volunteering for us

The Together Plan is a small, rapidly growing charity, almost entirely run by volunteers, with a big mission! As a result of this, we highly value every volunteer we have and their individual contribution to enabling our work.

As a volunteer at The Together Plan you will be exposed to a huge range of groundbreaking new developments in the world of Jewish cultural heritage. You will play a part in shaping brand-new Holocaust education resources and will have the opportunity to further develop your role within The Together Plan to align with your passions as you learn more about the work that we do.

Finally, The Together Plan is more than just a charity, we are a close-knit family of volunteers around the world, celebrating each other’s achievements and supporting each other through hard times. We often share skills, learn from each other and contribute together to develop ourselves professionally and personally. We hope you will join our family.

role length

  • 6+ months

weekly time commitment

  • Approximately 2 hours, twice per week (4 hours total), with occasional email use outside these hours.
  • This role can be performed outside of regular office hours.

like the sound of this role?

If you are interested in this role, please submit an application!