history, heritage and community through art

commission an original piece of artwork by Minsk-born artist and musician Bogdan Dovgyalo

in support of The Together Plan’s work in Belarus

Bogdan is 26 years old and his grandfather was Jewish. A graduate of the Minsk Musical College, Bogdan’s specialist instrument is cello. He is a fifth year student at the Belarusian State Academy of Music and for two years he worked as a cello teacher at a music school in Minsk.

In August 2022 at the Gallery of the Union of Designers in Minsk, Bogdan opened a personal exhibition called ‘Minsk Before Me’ and at the opening he performed the Klezmer music. Many of Bogdan’s drawings and paintings feature Jewish buildings and wooden synagogues and he says that the beautiful architecture connects him to his Jewish family.

In 2022, in association with a Minsk publishing house, Bogdan published comics called ‘Suez Rubicon’ on the subject of the Yom Kippur war and ‘53 Trolley Bus’ which is dedicated to stories about Minsk. Bogdan travelled the route of the number 53 Minsk trolleybus’ and drew important heritage buildings along the route.

In his Jewish paintings, Bogdan draws slightly distorted representations of the Jewish life as a part of Belarusian life. He has a specific interest in the Industrial Revolution, in particular the railways and the freight stations in industrial England. Bogdan is a comic artist and book illustrator and works in ink, pen, watercolour and alcohol based inks.

To commission Bogdan Dovgyalo to create a piece of original art based on the Jewish heritage of a shtetl or town in Belarus, with part of the commission helping to support The Together Plan’s charity projects, please get in touch.